Architectural Archive Links

We have attempted to gather many archives sites here - if you wish to link yours - E-Mail us. Specifically these should be working On-Line archives - with images that can be viewed/downloaded and search capacity.

LeCorbusier on CD-Rom - Preview

AcIS/CUL Imaging and Hypertext Projects - Columbia University
An online library of 2,000 images, in categories ranging frommaps of Paris to Calatrava Bridges. Many categories are notaccessible outside of Columbia University.

galerie und architekturforum - die aktuellen ausstellungen

Amsterdam Architecture

Ancient City of Athens - Indiana University
The Ancitent City of Athens is a photographic archive of the archaeological and architectural remains of ancient Athens (Greece).

NEW ARCAID The Arcaid Picture Library. Architecture Photos. Commercial Site.

ArchiGopher - University at Buffalo
Archigopher is a Web site dedicated to the dissemination of architectural knowledge. Archigopher contains several architectural image archives, including the works of Kandinski and Palladio.

archINFORM architectural database
International architectural database with over 5000 entries.

Architectural Archives - University of Pennsylvania
The Architectural Archives of the University of Pennsylvania preserves the works of more than 250 designers from the 18th century to the present.

Architectural History Online - The Progressive Era
The work of the architects shown in this presentation is provided to stimulate interest in their cultural values, just as much as in the designs themselves.

Architecturally Signifigant Churches of Sydney - UNSW

Architecture History Images - Australia National University

Architecture Image Repository (Gopher) - SUNET

Architecture in America - State Houses to Skyscrapers
This sketch of American architecture highlights forty photographs selected from the Detroit Publishing Company collection.

Architecture of Cork
This guide to the architecture of Cork, Ireland, includes information on both new and old buildings.

Architectural Dublin is a historically based introduction to Dublin's architecture. The site covers the development of the city plan from its earliest beginnings through to the present day, prominent architects and buildings, and specific buildings under threat of demolition.

Architecture of Islam

Architecture of the Mediterranean Basin - UIUC
Most images come from Italy, Sicily, Greece and Turkey, with smaller numbers from France, Spain and North Africa. They date from the pre-classical period onwards, and stop about 1820 AD.

Arquitectura Tropicana - University of Miami
Images from Coral Gables and Coconut Grove, Florida.

ArtServe - Australia National University
ArtServe contains over 18,000 .gif and .jpg images (4 Gb total) relating to the history of art and architecture. Categories include European architecture, Islamic architecture, Megalithic!, Classical Turkey, and Hong Kong, among many other things.

The Athenaeum of Philadelphia - Architectural Archives - Contains the work of most of the major architects who have practiced in Philadlphia.

Carnegie-Mellon University Architecture Archives
The Carnegie Mellon University Architecture Archives was created in 1984 to collect, conserve and promote the use of architectural records that document the architects and architecture of Pittsburgh and the tri-state region of western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio and northern West Virginia.

Charleston Multimedia Project
An architectural showplace from its inception, Charleston has also been a national leader in Historic Preservation, protecting entire neighborhoods of 18th and 19th century buildings. This page is an online exploration of its heritage.

Chicago Architecture Foundation
This site contains images of many architecturally signifigant buildings in the City of Broad Shoulders.

Christus Rex
Large image libraries of Vatican City, the Sistine Chapel, The Raphael Stanze an Loggia, the Vatican Museums, and Splendors of Christendom.

Cimitero di Staglieno Genova
Il primo progetto per l'area cimiteriale di Staglieno e' del 1835 e fu affidato all'architetto Carlo Baribino, che muore pero' qualche mese dopo e quindi il lavoro viene affidato a G.B. Resasco, un allievo del Barabino.

Color Photographs from the FSA and OWI
These two collections consist of the color photographs produced by a pair of government photography units within the Farm Security Administration (FSA) and the Office of War Information (OWI) between 1939 and 1945.

Covered Bridges of the Philadelphia Region
These documents are a guide to the old covered bridges of Southeastern Pennsylvania and nearby areas, that is, the counties of Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Lancaster, Philadelphia, and nearby New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware State.

Detroit Photos Home Page
This collection of photographs from the Detroit Publishing Company includes over 25,000 glass negatives and transparencies as well as about 300 color photolithograph prints, mostly of the eastern United States.

Digital Image Access Project
The Columbia University Libraries and AcIS are investigating methods of accessing image collections online. As part of this project, over 1200 images are being placed into a database for image retrieval at Avery Library on a standalone computer.

Digital Images for the Visual Arts - Monash University

Earthlore's Gothic Dreams
There can be no misunderstanding, standing before one of the great Gothic Cathedrals, these structures were intended to be visually explored and appreciated.

Gargoyles and Grotesques
The word Gargoyle shares a root with the word Gargle; they come from gargouille, an old French word for Throat. A true gargoyle is a waterspout.

Gothic and Renaissance Italian Architecture

Greek Architecture
Classic Greek architecture is made up of three different orders that are most seen in their temples. They are Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. The orders are known mostly by their column style.

Historic House Architecture
Guide to historic houses with emphasis on late-Victorian and Craftsman style bungalows

History of Architecture in Montreal
Architecture under the French Regime in Quebec (1608-1763) was based on the Norman and Breton house.

Houses of Buffalo - University at Buffalo
A look at the unique vernacular styles of residential architecture in Buffalo, New York.

Ian's Land of Castles

Images from New York Album
Published 1883 by Wittemann Bros.

Images of Architecture and Architectural Sculpture

Images of Medieval Art and Architecture

International Archive of Women in Architecture
The purpose of the program is to document the history of women's involvement in architecture by collecting, preserving, storing, and making available to researchers the professional papers of women architects, landscape architects, designers, architectural historians and critics, and urban planners, and the records of women's architectural organizations, from around the world.

Islamic Architecture in Isdahan

Islamic Architecture, Calligraphy and Coins
This presentation is an attempt to satisfactorily explain the phenomenon of Islamic architecture

Jaime's Castles Page
This page has become more popular than my wildest expectations, as a result I have added a number of castles pictures with more to come.

Japanese Style Modern Architecture in Nagoya
At this site you will find images of Japanese-style modern architecture (mainly formalism and expressionism before the Pacific War) located in the city of Nagoya and the suburbs.

JM Massi's Image Collection
Images of castles, churches, and other examples of European architecture.

Kansas City Architecture
Images of signifigant structures in Kansas City, Missouri.

La Galerie - GAMSAU
Classical architecture raytraced images gallery.

Luna Imaging
Luna Imaging Inc. develops high-quality, long-term, digital image archives for visual collections in the arts.

Lviv Photo Tour
Lviv is one of the best known towns in Ukraine for its architecture representing styles from the times of Old Rus to Art Nouveau.

MIT Museum - Guide to the Architecture COllection
The MIT Museum's Architecture Collection consists of two major components: the Student Drawing Collection of more than 15,000 theses and projects drawn by students of MIT's Department of Architecture between 1873 and 1968, and the Study Collection of over 400 rare drawings by European and American architects, dating between 1840 and 1920.

Mixed Bag of Architecture
Over the edge architecture, artwork, photography, handcraft,and design/build.

Modern Landscapes in Japan
Aim of this site is to explore the transformations of the Japanese landscape from Early Modern (Edo) to Post-war Japan. A virtual itinerary along the Tokaido route is simulated, through a sychronic demonstration of images and accounts, deriving from different historical periods and points of view.

Museum Architecture - Eindhoven University of Technology

National Building Museum
The world we build for ourselves -- from our homes and offices and factories to our parks, our roads, our cities as a whole -- is the subject of the National Building Museum.

NFS Succeed Engineering Visual Database
The NFS Succeed Engineering database is an online repository of images for use by engineering faculty and students.

Notre Dame Cathedral
These photographs constitute the exhibition

Paris Maps
In spring 1993, Prof. Barry Bergdoll of Art History used Gopher to retrieve these Paris maps as part of a graduate studies course, as an alternative to using unwieldy paper maps and limited access slides. A subset of the images is also available here using Gopher.

This site features different monthly virtual-tours of Chicago's landmark buildings - from Michigan Ave, to the Loop to the Riverfront

Pompeii Forum Project - University of Virginia
The Pompeii Forum Project is a collaborative venture that focuses on the urban center of Pompeii.

Renaissance and Baroque Architecture - U of Virginia
The images included in this collection were scanned from slides taken by Professor C. W. Westfall and used in his survey course, Renaissance and Baroque Architecture.

Salem (Massachusetts) Architecture
A glimpse of Salem's exceptional architectural heritage is presented below. Most of these houses have furnished period interiors and are open to the public.

Society of Architectural Historians. Home page & net resources. GREAT LINKS!

SPIRO Architecture Slide Library - UC Berkeley
SPIRO is the visual online public access catalog (vopac) for the University of California at Berkeley's Architecture Slide Library (ASL) collection of 200,000 35mm slides.

Streets and Architecture of Kinokuni

Studio Multimedial
In dem Park der römischen Villa Massimo, die die deutsche Kulturstiftung beherbergt, ist eine Gruppe Atelierhäuser für Stipendiaten zu planen.

Syracuse University Architecture Image Archives

Temple of Liberty - Building the Capitol for a New Nation

Thomason Tokyo
Thomason is para-art, which is defined as useless and beautiful parts of architects or structures, such as a door at unusual hight, a gate that is not passable, stares with no entrance to approach.

Tokyo - A Guide to Recent Architecture

Traquair Archive
This site currently contains 700 images of historic structures inQuebec and the Canadian Maritime provinces, scanned from theimage library of Robert Traquair, former director of McGill School of Architecture

Turkish Architecture archive

Turkish Style
The Turkish home is a living tradition whose refinements has continued uninterrupted for over 10,000 years, from the earliest recorded dwellings of Central Anatolia to the modern Istanbul townhouse.

University of Pennsylvania - Architectural Archives
The Architectural Archives of the University of Pennsylvania preserves the works of more than 250 designers from the 18th century to the present. The research collections in the Archives are available to faculty, students, and scholars for independent study as well as to support teaching in the University of Pennsylvania and other institutions.

Venice - Touring Club Italiano
The beautiful marble buildings reflected in the canals, rich artistic heritage, and even the quality of light found there make Venice perhaps the most famous tourist resort in all the world.

Yahoo! Image Surfer - Architecture Category

Yankee Planning Image Library
The Image library will be filled with photographs, maps and perhaps, artwork - all related, no matter how loosely to the environment, coastlines and planning. If you find them attractive, you may wish to download them to add a little visual interest to your report, presentation, etc.