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Alias Research

Archigraf Group - Kyoto Institute of Technology
Prof. Yamaguchi and his group : ARCHIGRAF group has continued research and development on the methods of architectural planning and computer aided design.

Architectural Visualization
magining Architecture, student gallery, pencil|crayon|pen|mouse, The Global Studio,Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona Pavillion, University of Auckland Campus Model, The Hadrianic Baths at Leptis Magna, Ecohouse, Painted Paradigms, model of Adolf Loos' American Bar in Vienna, Bayswater Marina Studio.


Ashlar is a software company that creates various CAD applications, such as Vellum 3D, Draft-Pak, and Gepmate

Aura-Vista Computer Graphics
Computer generated 3-dimensional modeling and animation.

AutoCad Release 13 Bug List

AutoCAD Tutorial
This site contains four tutorials for the OpenWindows version of AutoCAD R12 and for the Windows version of AutoCAD R13.

Autodesk is the maker of AutoCAD and other CAD and desktop multimedia software,

Autodesk 3D-Studio
These pages are intended to give the user access to a large amount of objects, textures and other 3DS-related stuff.

The BRL-CAD Package is a powerful Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) based solid modeling system. BRL-CAD includes an interactive geometry editor, ray tracing support for rendering and geometric analysis, network distributed framebuffer support, image-processing and signal-processing tools. The entire package is distributed in source code form.

Building Brochure Archive
This archive contains up to date AutoCAD drawings which are part of the Building Brochure.

Bush Building Corporation Virtual Design Studio
These images were created by Brad Bush of Bush Building Corporation using the ray-trace program Accurender by Robert McNeel and Associates


Cadkey Corporation
Cadkey Inc. and its award-winning CAD software with its full 3D capabilities has been a word of mouth

CADSOFT Corporation is an international developer of software for Computer Aided Design in the building industry. Since 1984, the company has provided an integrated design solution based on the industry standard AutoCAD graphics engine.


CFI Consortium

CLRview is a 3-dimensional visualization program designed to exploit the real-time capabilities of Silicon Graphics IRIS computers.

COMBINE 2 - COmputer Models for the Building INdustry in Europe
COMBINE 2 is a major research project within the JOULE programme of the European Commission's Directorate General XII for Science, Research and Development. It seeks to develop an operational computer-based Integrated Building Design System (IBDS).

Deutsches CAD Site
Brandneu auf dem Internet: Das erste CAD Site komplett in Deutsch mit deutschen CAD Programmen zum Herunterladen und vielen nützlichen Infos.

Digital Architecture
These pages serve as a forum to present state of the art in computer-generated graphics in architecture. Graphics and text are a brief of my study of the Piazza SS. Annunziata in Florence, Italy. Focus, of the study, was on the relationship between architecture and the city, or in more general terms, between an object and its environment.

Document Conversion Resource Center

DRA-CAD is Japan's number one selling Architectural CAD program with over 10.000 user companies. It is unique in its combination of program size, speed and user-friendlieness.

NEW DraftingBoard - Commercial service for architects and designers. 3D visualization and animation.

F & F Lavori CAD
In questo posto troverete consulenza su autocad (R2.5 R2.6 R9 R10 R11 R12 R13) ma, in particolar modo, potrete commissionare lavori architettonici ed impiantistici in 3D, il tutto in un modo estremamente semplice da gestire per voi.

form*z Digital Charette

GDS User's CyberSpace Reference
This site is a general resource for GDS related information, which includes Internet resources, people profiles, news, job announcements, GDS user groups, and architect jokes.

ICARIS - CIC Research network
ICARIS is an experimental research network related to integrated CAD in civil engineering and architecture. It is described in the ICARIS Initiative paper .

Information Management Technologies - Document Conversion Resource Center
This web site contains information about scanning, CAD conversions, GIS databases and map conversions, and document management systems.

InterCAD Company
InterCAD Company is a diverse organization specializing in the CAD conversion service market. Our conversion services address a pressing need of many companies to convert paper-based engineering drawings to CAD databases.

Intergraph (UK)

Internet CAD Design Association
A not for profit association being developed by cad designers for those who want to work across the internet.

MicroStation Automated Information Network
The company's range of MicroStation products, with over 200,000 fully licensed users worldwide, is an established standard and award-winner throughout the worldwide architecture/engineering/construction (AEC) and geographic information systems (GIS) markets and the mechanical design market.

MiniCad Free Page
Contains news, tips & tricks, add-ons & programs, libraries, rendering, mailing list information and links to other Minicad pages.

MKS Informatique
MKS Informatique offre aux professionnels de l'architecture, l'ingénierie et la construction (AIC) les meilleures technologies informatiques qui soient. Revendeur et développeur autorisé pour les produits Autodesk (AutoCAD) et Softdesk, MKS a pour mission d'assister ses clients de façon rentable et efficace dans l'implantation, le soutien et la gestion de systèmes d'information.

New Riders Publishing

North American CAD Company From the site -

Numera Software - Visual CADD

Off Broadway Business Systems

Paladin Computing - ARRIS

Solar design software that displays shadows of overhangs & trees on buildings, draws sun charts, and looks up latitudes of building sites.

PhotoModeler - Eos Systems
PhotoModeler is a Windows program for extracting 3D data, 3D models, and 3D measurements from photographs. Any object that can be photographed can be modeled and the models are dimensionally accurate and detailed.

PNS Enterprises

PolyTRIM is a research toolkit for the exploration of design and planning issues at both a pedagogical and professional level. It is premised around the ideas of interaction with design ideas and constructs to allow investigation at an intuitive speed, and the facilitation of more democratic design processes through participatory workshop strategies.

This server is intended to provide information about the Radiance ray-tracing software.

Rapid Dimensions
Rapid Dimensions 3.0 is a highly flexible and user enhanced AutoCAD AutoLISP based dimensioning utility for architectural and structural engineering dimensioning.

Ray Tracing Resources

RealSpace in Quicktimes
This site contains text and moving images from the exhibition of the same name, Dutch entry to the Triennale in Milan exposition.

SEED Project - Carnegie-Mellon University
The SEED project intends to develop a software environment that supports the early phases in building design . The goal is to provide support, in principle, for the preliminary design of buildings in all aspects that can gain from computer support. This includes using the computer not only for analysis and evaluation, but also more actively for the generation of designs, or more accurately, for the rapid generation of design representations.

SoftCAD International
From the site - From the site - SoftCAD International is publisher of professional CAD software. We are committed to being an organization dedicated to providing our customers with leading edge, state of the art, cost effective architectural design software, backed by quality service and training programs. SoftCAD International est éditeur de logiciels CAO professionels. Nous sommes attachés à être une société dédiée à offrir un logiciel de qualité à la pointe du progrès, au rapport qualité prix exceptionnel, accompagné de formations et de services de qualités.

Strata StudioPro Digital Charette

An exploration through example of VRML aesthetic.

Tri-Service CADD-GIS - US Army
From the site - Today the Tri-Service CADD/GIS Technology Center employees 19 scientists, engineers, and computer programers at the Information Technology Center. Assistance from field working groups consisting of people from the Army, Navy, and Air Force help promote the technology of CADD and GIS. Training and research is provided in a distinctive atmosphere of Intergraph, Sun, HP, NT, and SGI workstations in training rooms that include overhead barco projectors and a workstation for each student.

TruFlite, the ultimate tool for creating virtual reality that extends reality.

Umbra Architectural Rendering

upFront Work Pages - South Bank University
From the site - his exercise is a tutorial to build a rough model of the Barcelona Pavilion. It is not the only way to proceed nor perhaps even the best, but with careful adherence to these notes you should start to see a methodology.

VDS Wireframe Studio

Villa d'All Ava
Architectural models of the Paris landmark created with Acad12 and AME, and converted to 3D-Studio.

Visual Frontiers
From the site - Visual Frontiers has evolved out of many years of experience in the Architecturally related design fields. Owned and operated by Duane Valencia, Visual Frontiers offers expertise in Macintosh computer modeling as well as a solid background in Architecture.

Visual Perception of Computer Generated Pictures
This student project researches how the three-dimensional visual understanding is reached by different people and how it can be improved.

From the site - From the site - VisualPhile is a software program for sales presentation of design ideas! VisualPhile's interactive library includes over a thousand images utilizing color photographs of horticultural and manufactured products.

From the UCLA School From the UCLA Department of Architecture + Urban Design

WorldCAD Access
From the site - The finest CAD publication on the Web, updated frequently.