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Famous Architects

Alexander Thomson
Alexander 'Greek' Thomson was one of Britain's finest and most original nineteenth century architects. He built widely in and around the expanding city of Glasgow, and his work included churches, warehouses, offices, tenements and mansions.

Alvar Aalto Museum - University of Jyväskylä
The Alvar Aalto Museum specialises in architecture. It preserves, researches and maintains a permanent display of material related to Aalto's work as an architectand designer. It also oversees building conservation, arranges exhibitions and distributes information, principally on topics related to Aalto.

Alvaro Siza
From ther site -

Alvbert Kahn - Architect of Modern Times
From the site -

Andrew Palladio - Harmony and Proportion
From the site -

Andrew Palladio - Monumenti Palladiani
Lots of images of Andrea Palladio works.

Andrew Palladio - Palladio

Andrew Palladio - Palladio Image Archive
From the site -

Andrew Palladio - Il Redentore
From the site -

Andrew Palladio - Un itinerario tra ville vicentine e comm
Questa iscrizione, un tempo leggibile sulle pareti dellaCa' Impenta - villa alla periferia est di Vicenza -, costituisce il filo conduttore di un itinerario che si snoda da Vicenza a Noventa Vicentina toccando alcune ville situate nel territorio compreso tra i Colli Berici ed i Colli Euganei.

Antonio Sant'Elia Museum
Antonio Sant'Elia ha rappresentato la creativita' e lagenialita' italiana proiettata verso il futuro

Avlar Aalto - Säynätsalo Municipal Centre
Aalto's winning design for the Säynätsalon Kunnantalo (municipal building) was part of a broader urban design he crafted for the entire island on which Säynätsalo is situated.

Buckminster Fuller - Thinking Out Loud
From the American Masters show on PBS.

Buckminster Fuller: BF FAQ
This is the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ) Resource on R. Buckminster Fuller. It is based primarily on the history of the discussions, interests, and needs of the readers of the BITNET mailing list Geodesic and its USENET gateway bit.listserv.geodesic

Buckminster Fuller: Bucky Words
Some quotes from R. Buckminster Fuller.

Charles A Haertling - Architect AIA
The Charles A. Haertling Architecture Page is dedicated to the documentation and preservation of his work.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh
From the site -

Christo - Reichstag Building wrap

Frank Lloyd Wright
From the site - hese pages show some of the buildings by Frank Lloyd Wright I have been fortunate enough to visit. My favourite is the Imperial Hotel."

Frank Lloyd Wright - Eaglefeather Home Page
Eaglefeather is the first digital typeface licensed by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.

Frank Lloyd Wright - Broadacre All-Wright Site
A huge FLW site. Contains FLW history, bibliographies, the life of FLW, geographically organized links to sites for over 70 of Wright's buildings, books, links to other sites, quotations and more

Frank Lloyd Wright - Charnley=Persky House Tour
In 1891, Charnley commissioned a residential design from the firm of his good friend Louis Sullivan. Frank Lloyd Wright was the chief draftsman at Adler and Sullivan at the time, and is recognized as the principal designer of the house.

Frank Lloyd Wright - Dana-Thomas House
Springfield's Dana-Thomas House is the best preserved and most complete of Frank Lloyd Wright's early "Prairie" houses.

Frank Lloyd Wright - Ennis-Brown House
Recognisable to most people, as the interior used for scenes in Dr. Tyrrel's apartment in Ridley Scott's BladeRunner, the Ennis-Brown residence is magnificently sited on the one of the Hollywood Hills.

Frank Lloyd Wright - Fallingwater
Fallingwater, one of Frank Lloyd Wright's most widely acclaimed works, was designed in 1963 for the family of Pittsburgh department store owner Edgar J. Kaufmann.

Frank Lloyd Wright - Favorite Wright Sites
Photos and descriptions of 13 Wright houses that the author of this site has visited.

Frank Lloyd Wright - FLW 1869-1959
Frank Lloyd Wright is easily the most famous architect in history and arguably the most original and innovative." Images of the Illinois building, Fallingwater, Huntington Hartford Play Resort and Sports Club.

Frank Lloyd Wright - FLW : The Architect
Upon visiting the Madison area, you could visit Taliesin, the Unitarian Meeting House, or stay at the Seth Peterson Cottage.

Frank Lloyd Wright - FLW Architectural Home Page

Frank Lloyd Wright - FLW Building Conservancy
Its mission: To facilitate the preservation of the remaining structures designed by Frank Lloyd Wright." Includes listing of FLW houses for sale

Frank Lloyd Wright - FLW Building Guide
The USA is like a vast open-air museum of Frank Lloyd Wright's art, with hundreds of examples found from coast to coast. This Web site attempts to catalog all in one place the images, text, and web pages pertaining to Frank Lloyd Wright's work that can be found, organized by location and by specific building.

Frank Lloyd Wright - FLW Home and Studio Foundation
The purpose of the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio Foundation is to inspire an appreciation and understanding of creativity as demonstrated by the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, and to bring Wright's ideas to a global audience.

Frank Lloyd Wright - FLW Home and Studio Foundation
The purpose of the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio Foundation is to inspire an appreciation and understanding of creativity as demonstrated by the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, and to bring Wright's ideas to a global audience.

Frank Lloyd Wright - FLW in Wisconsin
Upon visiting the Madison area, you could visit Taliesin, the Unitarian Meeting House, or stay at the Seth Peterson Cottage.

Frank Lloyd Wright - FLW Network

Frank Lloyd Wright - FLW Source Page
Another comprehensive FLW site. From the site - I have planned this to be an overall reference source for Frank Lloyd Wright locations on the WEB. Additionally, I have started to include some pictures from my own collection of FLW buildings I have visited.

Frank Lloyd Wright - FLW: American Architect
Much has been said and may be found on the net about Frank Lloyd Wright, just look at one of the pages below.

Frank Lloyd Wright - Friends of the Meeting House
Friends of the Meeting House was established in 1976 to preserve the integrity of the original Frank Lloyd Wright design through restoration and enhancement of the special architectural character of the building.

Frank Lloyd Wright - Guggenheim Museum
Here is the ideal I propose for the architecture of the machine age", wrote Wright, for how an ideal American architecture should develop in the image of trees

Frank Lloyd Wright - Hollyhock House
Hollyhock House, located in Hollywood, California, is the second structure built in the state by American architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Frank Lloyd Wright - Joel & Rosemary's FLW Weekend

Frank Lloyd Wright - K.C. DeRhodes House
Frank Lloyd Wright designed house in Kansas City, Missouri.

Frank Lloyd Wright - Larkin Building

Frank Lloyd Wright - Manona Terrace
The new convention center, being built Downtown, on the shores of Lake Monona, just a couple blocks from the State Capitol, will include an auditorium, ballroom, and 75,000 square feet of meeting and exhibit space.

Frank Lloyd Wright - Pope-Leighty House Digital Case Study

Frank Lloyd Wright - Storer Residence
From the site - Frank Lloyd Wright built the Storer House in 1923 in the area of Los Angeles.

Frank Lloyd Wright - WWWright Site
Welcome to the wwWright site which at this time contains three collections of photographs of Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture built in Minnesota and Racine, Wisconsin.

Franz Reznieck

From Louis Sullivan to SOM - Boston Grads go to Chicago
From Louis Sullivan to SOM: Boston Grads Go to Chicago examines salient aspects of Chicago-based developments and the role Boston architects played in affecting change in architectural design and practice.

Gaudi - Casa Gaudi

Gerrit T. Rietveld - Red / blue chair
The construction of the red/blue chair is based on a module of 10 cm which correspond approximately to the thickness off three rails and this simple geometric construction is so clear that the chair can be made without using any kind of working drawings.

Gregori Warchavchik
A trajetória de Gregori Warchavchik (1896-1972), primeiro e mais importante arquiteto modernista do Brasil, através de fotos de época, plantas, perspectivas e maquetes de suas obras.

Hector Guimard - Tracking Hector Guimard in Europe
Hector Guimard, a french architect and decorator, has left us many testimonies of his work (subway stations, houses, apartment houses). You can discover them walking in Paris streets, and more precisely in the 16th borough.

I.M. Pei - I.M. Pei Page
Photo Links, Stories and First Hand Experiences of Life in Pei Buildings.

Joze Plecnick
Besides the extraordinary high quality of his work Plecnik has also been attributed abroad with a high degree of originality and innovation in the use of historical, regional and even local features, rounding each in new authentic collection containing a multitude of items, from fine details, monuments and architectural motifs to large urban features.

João Batista Villanova Artigas
João Batista Villanova Artigas's architecture was based on primary geometric forms and the use of reinforced concrete as structure and finishing at the same time.

Julia Morgan - Julia Morgan Collection
The collection, acquired in 1980, is housed in 30 acid-free record boxes and one map case. Additional donations to the collection have been made by the National Board of the YMCA, Earl and Wright Company, Consulting Engineers, Mr. and Mrs. William Randolph Hearst, Jr., and various private donors.

Karl Friedrich Schinkel - Friends of Schinkel
Our internet society is an interactive resource for students, architects and historians of architecture

Le Corbusier - Agram
Hier is informatie te vinden over het werk van verschillende architecten zoals Adolf Loos en Le Corbusier. Er is ook architectonische info te vinden over gebouwen, met adres bouwjaar en architect, van vele wereldsteden.

Le Corbusier - Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts
Cambridge MA USA

Le Corbusier - Villa Savoye
Poissy France

Le Corbusier - Villa Savoye
The Villa Savoye is located in Poissy, France just outside of Paris. It was designed by the Architect known as Le Corbusier who was one of the leaders in the Modern Movement which was emerging at this time.

Lebbus Woods

Louis Sullivan - Chicago Architecture Foundation
Chicago IL

Louis Sullivan - The Louis Sullivan Page
Sullivan designed with the principles of reconciling the world of nature with science and technology: his form follows function buildings were detailed with lush organic ornamentation. His attempt to balance ornamentation into the whole of building design inspired a generation of American and European architects

Louis Sullivan - Louis Sullivan, Architect

Louis Sullivan - Nature and Function United
There is no doubt that Louis H. Sullivan has made a crucial contribution to the development of modern, 'progressive' architecture, thus showing himself to be a seer of things to come. The buildings he designed were both representative of tradition and change at the same time.

Mathias Goeritz
El animal del Pedregal Mientras vive en Guadalajara, Mathias realiza diversas esculturas.

Mies van der Rohe - Barcelona Pavilion
The Barcelona Pavilion as it is known, was designed by Mies van der Rohe as the German Pavilion for the 1929 World Exposition at Barcelona.

Mies van der Rohe - Illinois Institute of Technology
I hope my photos give you a feeling for our campus. Its low rise buildings and open spaces surprise many of our visitors."

Mies van der Rohe - Illinois Institute of Technology
This site contains a clickable map and virtual of the IIT campus, where many buildings were designed by Mies van der Rohe.

Paolo Soleri
Born in Turin, Italy on June 21, 1919, Paolo Soleri was awarded his Ph.D. with highest honors in architecture from the Torino Polytechnico in 1946.

Philbert de l'Orme
Philibert de l'Orme (1500/15-1570) was, like Palladio, the son of a mason. He spent three years in Rome (probably 1533-6), and adopted an enthusiasm for antique architecture as profound as it was misdirected.

Thomas Jefferson - The Architecture of Thomas Jefferson
Jefferson Architecture Electronic Archive Center (JAEAC) is an

Vladimir Tatlin - Monument for the Third Communist Intl
The Monument to the Communist Third International was proposed in 1920 by Vladimir Tatiln as the new Communist party headquarters.

William Gray Purcell and George Grant Elmslie
The material displayed in this hyperweb represents work by William Gray Purcell (1880-1965) and George Grant Elmslie (1869-1952), partners in an architectural firm dedicated to the vision of an independent and proud American archiscape.

William Jay - English Regency Architect
Building images and a brief biography of William Jay, a 19th centure arcjhitect who practiced in the UK and Savannah, Georgia.